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Repositories stucture

Hello everyone.
We are starting knowing and working with Git. We already used some version control  systems for parts of our work and for now we wanna to have one.
So how's the situation. 
There is one big company with integration center and a few smaller firms which send their work there. We are developing in many languages on more projects.
People from big company(BC) wanna to have only one big repository with all code in it. BC wanna have to folders structure for language and projects. But for us is that idea bit uncomfortable because we rather have more repositories by language, maybe by project (in BC folders). It's useless for us that every developer on specific project and language have all other sources in their local repository. Is it the solvable?
I looked into some ways but with nothing practical experience Could anyone give me some advice which way is the best and why.
Simplified: we want to have many repositories in our firm so every developer could work with its repository with its language. Somewhere would be one repository for integration man who combine all smaller repositories in folders big repository for sending to BC. And this all have to work both ways. So we wanna donwnload changes from BC and copy them to our divides repos. So some folder to repo.
Thanks to all for any direction or link.
Georg Black