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[PATCH 0/2] Prepare our git-p4 tests for running on APFS

Yesterday, the macOS agents of Azure Pipelines were upgraded to Mojave, and
since that does not support HFS+ anymore, everything will be upgraded to

As I just found yesterday, we have one test that fails on that filesystem
(t9822, which is only run if Perforce's p4d is available).

The first patch adds a workaround, as I failed to find any way to finagle
APFS into accepting that ISO-8859-1 encoded file name.

The second patch is a fix to make things compile on Mojave again, apparently
Homebrew changed and the /usr/local/ directories need to be added to the
compiler and linker flags explicitly. Maybe this is a gcc-8 only thing, as
it seems to have affected only the osx-gcc job, not the osx-clang job.

Johannes Schindelin (2):
  t9822: skip tests if file names cannot be ISO-8895-1 encoded
  macOS: make sure that gettext is found

 config.mak.uname                | 2 ++
 t/t9822-git-p4-path-encoding.sh | 7 +++++++
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+)

base-commit: e35b8cb8e212e3557efc565157ceb5cbaaf0d87f
Published-As: https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git/releases/tag/pr-179%2Fdscho%2Fskip-t9822-on-apfs-v1
Fetch-It-Via: git fetch https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git pr-179/dscho/skip-t9822-on-apfs-v1
Pull-Request: https://github.com/gitgitgadget/git/pull/179