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Re: Feature request: Add --no-edit to git tag command

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 03:20:52PM -0300, Bárbara de Castro Fernandes wrote:
>> This new proposed --amend option, although semantically different,
>> would have a very similar functionality to the already existing -f
>> option. So should we, perhaps, change -f's behavior to treat the tag
>> as a new one, treating the old one as if it never existed (as I think
>> Junio was saying)? By this I mean the command should fail if the user
>> doesn't give a SHA-1 and the previous message wouldn't be preloaded.
>> --amend, on the other hand, would give the user an opportunity to
>> revise the tag by opening, by default, the editor with the
>> pre-existing message unless given the '--no-edit' option, and if not
>> given a SHA-1 it would keep on using the previous one.
> Yes, that's what I'd expect it to do (so yes, it's also different from
> "-f" in that it defaults to the existing tag destination instead of
> HEAD).

Do you mean you'd expect "--amend" to do that, which is different
from what "-f" does, so they should not be conflated into one?

If so, I think that makes sense and changing the behaviour of "-f"
is too confusing.