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Re: Bug Report for git apply

On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 03:16:22PM -0400, Can Gemicioglu wrote:
> I noticed a problem when trying to apply a patch file that contained
> many separate patches in a single file.

To quote the first line of its manpage :) 'git apply' is meant to
"Apply a patch to files and/or to the index".  Note the singular "a
patch"; not multiple patches in the same or multiple files.

Use 'git am' instead, that is its job, and as you noted, it works.

> Trying to apply this patch gave me a "No such file or directory" error for one of the files in the middle and after looking around I realised this file was also created earlier in the patch. I tested this myself with these steps and saw a similar error:
> 1. Create a new file and commit.
> 2. Move the file to a different folder and commit.
> 3. Create a single patch for these 2 commits by using git format-patch and concatenating the two resulting files (01.patch, 02.patch) into one (combined.patch).
> 4. Roll back to 2 commits earlier.
> At that point if I try to use 'git apply combined.patch', it will
> throw the same no such file error. However, if I use 'git am
> combined.patch' instead it works. If I apply the first 2 patches
> separately instead, using 'git apply 0*' it also works but if I
> first try to check if it will work with 'git apply --check 0*' it
> actually throws the same error again.
> I'm guessing there's something like a check to make sure the file exists that throws an error even if the file was going to be created by previous commits.
> Tested on git version 2.21.0 on Ubuntu 18.04
> Best,
> Can Gemicioglu