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[PATCH 0/1] documentation: add lab for first contribution

RFC. I am still working on adding a section on handling refs and objects.

A tutorial for beginners explaining how to commit to git/git from clone to
push. This tutorial attempts to explain the GitGitGadget workflow; with the
review I'm hoping to understand whether it's worth the effort to detail how
to use git send-email as well. The linked implementation is present in my
personal fork and I'd be happy for any comments people wish to give against
that implementation, too, although it obviously isn't destined for git/git.
I wrote this guide in order to learn the process myself, so I welcome all

Additionally, if there are skills around working with the codebase that
should really be included in the "Implementation" section I'd be happy to
add them.

Emily Shaffer (1):
  documentation: add lab for first contribution

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 1 file changed, 674 insertions(+)
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