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Git merge should report an actual syntax error when a semicolon is used instead of space for specifying multiple branches

First time reporting a bug :) or at least what I think it may be.

There's a few similar cases I think I've seen in the past, but the one I'm sure about is the semicolon instead of space between multiple branches, that should be a syntax error if git merge can't accept that command .. if the people I spoke with are correct; However, git merge reports it as "not something we can merge" implying that it suppose to be valid syntax and that it's just not allowed function or that it may be temporairly not possible due to a circumstance (a secondary condition), as if I was mistyping the name of the branch or something, but if it never accepts anything with a semicolon it ought to be a syntax error, IMO.
And it may not be uncommon since it comes from the fact that git merge normally follows git fetch where semicolon is supported as per normal.


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