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Re: [PATCH v6 1/6] Move init_skiplist() outside of fsck

On Wed, Apr 10 2019, Barret Rhoden wrote:

> init_skiplist() took a file consisting of SHA-1s and comments and added
> the objects to an oidset.  This functionality is useful for other
> commands.

This change would be much easier to review if you led with a commit
where you s/Invalid SHA-1/invalid object name/ (lower-case while we're
at it), s/skip list/object name/ etc, and did that rename of the "hash"
to "name" variable if you're so inclined.

Then you'd end up with a small refactoring change that changes the tests
(or even just make the tests grep for e.g. "Could not open.*:
does-not-exist" instead), and the moving of the function would be
entirely caught by the rename detection.