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Re: [PATCH v3 0/3] dir: treat a repository without commits as a repository

Kyle Meyer <kyle@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The series improves the handling of sub-repositories that don't have a
> commit checked out.  In particular, it addresses the following issues:
> ...
>   * Commit message tweaks.  These include replacing wording like "no
>     commits" with something like "no commit checked out" because,
>     technically, this series also concerns repositories that have
>     commit objects but are on an unborn branch.

Changes from "not have any commits" to "not have a commit checked
out" can also be seen in the code (the next bullet point), which is
a very welcome change.  It shows that the patchset was done with
nice attention to the detail.

>   * Change the "git submodule add" error message to match the wording
>     of the new error message added in add_to_index().
>   * Consistently use "expect" rather than "expected" as the output
>     file name for expected test output.

Thanks; will replace.  Hopefully this round is ready for 'next'.