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Re: [PATCH v3] rev-list: exclude promisor objects at walk time

On Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 02:06:04PM -0700, Josh Steadmon wrote:
> For large repositories, enumerating the list of all promisor objects (in
> order to exclude them from a rev-list walk) can take a significant
> amount of time).
> When --exclude-promisor-objects is passed to rev-list, don't enumerate
> the promisor objects. Instead, filter them (and any children objects)
> during the actual graph walk.
> Remove the mark_uninteresting() function as it's not used anywhere else.
> When testing against a large repo [1], this patch reduces the
> connectivity check runtime from 3 minutes to ~7 seconds.

This patch breaks test 'repack -d does not irreversibly delete
promisor objects' in 't0410-partial-clone.sh' when run with

  +rm -rf repo
  +test_create_repo repo
  +test 1 = 1
  +mkdir -p repo
  +cd repo
  +/home/travis/build/git/git/t/../git init --template=/home/travis/build/git/git/t/../templates/blt/
  Initialized empty Git repository in /home/travis/build/git/git/t/trash directory.t0410-partial-clone/repo/.git/
  +mv .git/hooks .git/hooks-disabled
  +git -C repo config core.repositoryformatversion 1
  +git -C repo config extensions.partialclone arbitrary string
  +git -C repo commit --allow-empty -m one
  [master (root-commit) 71905df] one
   Author: A U Thor <author@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  +git -C repo commit --allow-empty -m two
  [master 202c4a3] two
   Author: A U Thor <author@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  +git -C repo commit --allow-empty -m three
  [master 4737577] three
   Author: A U Thor <author@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  +git -C repo commit --allow-empty -m four
  [master d6ba7e0] four
   Author: A U Thor <author@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  +git -C repo rev-parse HEAD^^^
  +git -C repo rev-parse HEAD^^
  +git -C repo rev-parse HEAD^
  +printf 202c4a3dd9a2dac927f056abb747cce9ea2eb67b\n
  +git -C repo pack-objects .git/objects/pack/pack
  +echo 2e675cd706e508d6c52a21d28cfcddde5ec02a06
  +printf 47375779ebcca4b422e3afdd14aa37a358081297\n
  +git -C repo pack-objects .git/objects/pack/pack
  +echo 31f7d2797549ab9b1c425a9e60eb2030481170e5
  +delete_object repo 71905dfcd543b7cbb0b4b66fbd20379e67220557
  +sed -e s|^..|&/|
  +echo 71905dfcd543b7cbb0b4b66fbd20379e67220557
  +rm repo/.git/objects/71/905dfcd543b7cbb0b4b66fbd20379e67220557
  +repack_and_check -a 202c4a3dd9a2dac927f056abb747cce9ea2eb67b 47375779ebcca4b422e3afdd14aa37a358081297
  +rm -rf repo2
  +cp -r repo repo2
  +git -C repo2 repack -a -d
  warning: reflog of 'HEAD' references pruned commits
  warning: reflog of 'refs/heads/master' references pruned commits
  fatal: unable to read 71905dfcd543b7cbb0b4b66fbd20379e67220557
  error: last command exited with $?=128
  not ok 23 - repack -d does not irreversibly delete promisor objects