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Re: "commit --author=..." does not work if global email and name is not set

Piotr Krukowiecki <piotr.krukowiecki@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> If a real person making commits uses their own account (just on that
>> machine), he or she can set up `user.name` and `user.email` settings in
>> the per-user Git configuration file
> There is one common "test" (Windows) account which is used both by
> automatic test scripts and by real people who log into that machine,
> so this is not possible.
> ...
> Do you mean following?
> 1. set default user (user.name, user.email) to "automatic test user"
> on that machine
> 2. set commit hook to prevent commits with "automatic test user" AUTHOR
> 3. scripts will set AUTHOR (--author) to for example "script X" or
> "automatic script user" - different than the default user
> 4. real users will set AUTHOR to their own identity (--author=me)

I do not think 4. is what Jakub meant, which is to make the author
and committer identity for real humans come from the configuration
that becomes in effect automatically by merely logging in.

If that cannot be arranged, something like 4. may have to serve as a
rough approximation; that sound like the best you could do under
that limitation without breaking the general usability of the