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Re: [GSoC][RFC] Proposal: Make pack access code thread-safe

Hi Matheus

On 08/04/2019 18:04, Matheus Tavares Bernardino wrote:
Another "32-bit problem" should also be expressly considered during the
GSoC work because of the MS Windows definition of uInt / long to be only
32 bits, leading to much of the Git code failing on the Git for Windows
port and on the Git LFS (for Windows) for packs and files greater than

Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't get it, thought, if your
suggestion was to also propose tackling this issue in this GSoC
project. Was it that? I read the link but it seems to be a kind of
unrelated problem from what I'm planing to do with the pack access
code (which is tread-safety). I may have understood this wrongly,
though. Please, let me know if that's the case :)

The main point was to avoid accidental regressions by re-introducing simple 'longs' where memsized types were more appropriate.

Torsten has already done a lot of work at https://github.com/tboegi/git/tree/tb.190402_1552_convert_size_t_only_git_master_181124_mk_size_t

(I'm off line for a few days)