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Re: git glossary --help ?

Philip Oakley <philipoakley@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> But unlike "git foo --help", if the word that ought to name a
>> subcommand instead names a known concept, e.g. "glossary", I do not
>> think it is too bad if we DWIMmed what the user meant to say,
>> i.e. turning "git glossary --help" into "git help glossary".
> Given the earlier report that started the thread Duy linked, I guess
> there will need to be a balance between the two expectations.
> The DWIMming may need to both report that it's not a command, but
> then offer the concept guide as the primary target if correct, or
> perhaps as one of the alternate "commands" if closely named to a guide
> (e.g. revisions vs revision).

The "or perhaps" part feels a bit overkill, but I do not mind seeing
it if somebody does it cleanly and correctly ;-)

> One of the issues back then was the lack of a complete list of
> 'guides' to check against, so the badly spelt command logic wasn't
> brought into play.

Yeah, thanks for spelling it out; I think we are on the same page,
having followed the same discussion in the archive, where we knew
that a list of 'concepts-not-commands' would help the error message