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Re: [PATCH v5 6/6] RFC blame: use a fingerprint heuristic to match ignored lines

michael@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> From: Michael Platings <michael@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Barret,
> This is the updated fuzzy matching algorithm, sorry for the delay. It does
> highlight a bug in the calculation for the number of lines ("int nr_parent_lines
>  = e->num_lines - delta;") - if you apply the patch, build it, then try to
> ./git blame --ignore-rev <the patch commit ID> blame.c then you'll get a segfault
> because nr_parent_lines is a negative number. I haven't had time to investigate further
> but I have confirmed that the bug is not due to my patch.

If you segfault with the patch and don't segfault with the patch, there
is not much of a point in declaring this "somebody else's problem", is
there?  It has to be fixed anyway in order to make the patch get in.

Or am I fundamentally misunderstanding something here?

David Kastrup