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git glossary --help ?

Following the discussions about the tag peeling issue, I thought to have a look at what the git glossary says.

I had it in my head that when the git guides were linked to the help system, that the --help option provided a short circuit direct to help item. However this did not happen.

I found that the capability had been lost, which given that a lot of the underpinning knowledge is in the guides this would appear to be a loss.

I don't have an older version to test, but I thought I remember the capability from about the time of my 65f98358c0 ("builtin/help.c: add --guide option", 2013-04-02).

Have I misremembered the --help capability?

cc'ing Duy in case he remembers something from the recent update

As a side note, the glossary does mention a few times the tag of tag capability but doesn't mention the peel/no-peel distinctions.