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Pull without fetch

Dear git developpers,

is there a way to do a git pull without it running git fetch?
Looking at the source in builtin/pull.c does not seem to indicate so.

Here is my use case: I do a `git fetch --all` to look at the incoming
changes, and only afterwards I would like to do a `git pull --no-fetch`. I
could of course call `git merge`/`git rebase` directly, but the advantage
of `git pull` is that it parses the value of branch.<name>.rebase for me
(in `parse_config_rebase`). I could easily write a script for it, but this
would just duplicate this part of git-pull, so we might as well use git
pull directly. Moreover, `git-pull --rebase` used to have extra functionality
where it looked at the reflog to find the merge base. This is now
incorporated directly into git rebase, but this is one more reason I would
like to use git pull directly.

I am missing another way? Would a patch to provide this feature be accepted?

Damien Robert