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[PATCH 0/2] a few more minor asciidoc/tor formatting fixes


Martin Ågren wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Apr 2019 at 03:40, Todd Zullinger <tmz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> There are two other changes I've got queued locally.  One in
>> git-show-branch.txt removes the last use of {apostrophe}.
>> Another in git-svn.txt is a bit of a work-around for a
>> difference in the way asciidoc and asciidoctor parse the
>> second paragraph in the CONFIGURATION section.  That may
>> well be an asiidoctor bug, but it seems like one we can
>> adjust for without much effort.
> The second one looks like it can be fixed by using `*` instead of '\*',
> which I think is more correct anyway. I don't know what your local
> workaround looks like, but I think a patch like "use backticks
> consistently" (both change to them, in a number of places, and add them,
> where we currently have nothing) would be a good change by itself, and
> we could note that "BTW, this fixes ...". How does that compare to what
> you have?

That's exactly what I have -- except that I only changed the
parts needed to improve compatibility between asciidoc and
asciidoctor.  So my commit message justifies it differently.

You're probably right that a more general cleanup could be done
and then we get better asciidoctor compatibilty as a consequence.
I was trying to keep from taking too many tangents to avoid
making more work (both for myself and reviewers). :)

Here's what I have currently.  I haven't tested this much with
asciidoctor-1.5.x releases (or maybe not at all -- it's been a
week or so since I worked on this).

Todd Zullinger (2):
  Documentation/git-show-branch: drop last use of {apostrophe}
  Documentation/git-svn: improve asciidoctor compatibility

 Documentation/git-show-branch.txt | 2 +-
 Documentation/git-svn.txt         | 6 +++---
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)