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Re: [GSoC] [RFC] Unify ref-filter formats with other --pretty formats

ср, 3 апр. 2019 г. в 22:54, Kapil Jain <jkapil.cs@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Reference: https://git.github.io/SoC-2019-Ideas/#unify-ref-filter-formats-with-other---pretty-formats
> I have spent some time with both pretty.* and ref-filter.*
> First off, we are aiming to reuse ref-filter, so avoiding any sort of
> re-implementation is recommended.

It is recommended, but it's normal situation to re-implement something
as a middle step.

> Now, coming to pretty.* and ref-filter.*
> suppose, a function named xyz() in ref-filter.c seems like it could be
> reused in pretty.c.
> since ref-filter doesn't use any struct of pretty.c. The xyz()
> function in its original form is not useful for pretty.c.
> So now, in order for the xyz() function to be useful in pretty.c.
> Function xyz() should be using structs of pretty.*
> now, if we make xyz() use the pretty.* structs, then its
> re-implementation and not reusing. its like keeping two different
> functions one for ref-filter and another for pretty.*.
> which is what is already happening.

It's OK as the middle step. Another approach is to add using
ref-filter structures and continue using existing ones, so that you
have 2 duplicating flows of data. Reuse ref-filter logic, and then in
the end of the patch delete duplicating logic from pretty. Both these
approaches could be useful, choose any of them or design your own way.
I deleted so much code that I wrote, I advice you try not to afraid of
it. It's OK to make something and then rewrite it several times. The
only thing that matters is the final result.

> please provide any starting point for reusing ref-filter. i don't see
> any in pretty.*.
> reusing ref-filter specifically in pretty.* is not the motive. please
> point out any file in entire code base, that you may feel can reuse
> some ref-filter logic.