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Re: git-gui: unstaged changes windowpane resets after unstaging a line

On Mon, 1 Apr 2019 at 08:40, Bert Wesarg <bert.wesarg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Could you try to come up with a recipe from an empty repository?

$ cat a.sh
set -e
git init
for((i=0; i<25; i++)); do
    echo line1 > file$i
git add file*
git commit -m "initial commit"
for((i=0; i<25; i++)); do
    echo line2 >> file$i
    echo line3 >> file$i
    echo line4 >> file$i
git gui

Run a.sh in a new empty directory, then:
  1. Select "Unstaged Changes" -> file24
  2. Stage line2 & line3 for commit
  3. Select "Staged Changes" -> file24
  4. Unstage line2 from commit (see the attached screenshot)
  5. >>> "Unstaged Changes" windowpane resets <<<


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