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Re: test suite: why does git add large_file create a pack, rather than an object?

Philip Oakley <philipoakley@xxxxxxx> writes:

> At the moment I'm using an extended _test_ case that starts by adding
> a ~5.1Gb file and then using verify-pack, which aborts with an error.
>         dd if=/dev/zero of=file bs=1M count=5100 &&
>         git config core.compression 0 &&
>         git config core.looseCompression 0 &&
>         git add file &&
>         git verify-pack -s .git/objects/pack/*.pack &&
>         git fsck --verbose --strict --full &&
>         ...
> If however I simple execute the commands from the GfW bash, the added
> file is stored as a blob object, rather than a pack.
> I'm at a loss to understand the reason for the change in behaviour
> [store file as pack, vs store as object] between running the code as a
> test script and at the terminal. What am I missing?

To which test are you adding the above piece?  Perhaps one of those
that configures core.bigfilethreashold?