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Re: [PATCH] mailinfo: support Unicode scissors

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 5:03 AM Andrei Rybak <rybak.a.v@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 'git am --scissors' allows cutting a patch from an email at a scissors
> line.  Such a line should contain perforation, i.e. hyphens, and a
> scissors symbol.  Only ASCII graphics scissors '8<' '>8' '%<' '>%' are
> recognized by 'git am --scissors' command at the moment.
> Unicode character 'BLACK SCISSORS' (U+2702) has been a part of Unicode
> since version 1.0.0 [1].  Since then 'BLACK SCISSORS' also became part
> of character set Emoji 1.0, published in 2015 [2].  With its adoption as
> an emoji, availability of this character on keyboards has increased.
> Support UTF-8 encoding of '✂' in function is_scissors_line, for 'git am
> --scissors' to be able to cut at Unicode perforation lines in emails.
> Note, that Unicode character '✂' is three bytes in UTF-8 encoding.

On top of what was already said in this thread. For some reason (bad
font?) these scissors are drawn cutting _down_ for me instead of left
or right. It looks a bit strange.