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Re: Google "Season of Docs"

Hi Thomas

On 31/03/2019 22:49, Thomas Gummerer wrote:
On 03/30, Philip Oakley wrote:
We mentor Summer of Code projects.
Perhaps we should be doing something similar for docs.  Now Google are:
One thing that I think is worth highlighting, that I don't think is
clear from the blog post or this email, is that in contrast to Google
Summer of Code, Season of Docs targets experienced technical writers,
rather than students.  Just leaving this here for anyone that's just
reading this email and/or the blog post.
I had noticed that they were including experienced technical writers, hence my hope that maybe we could learn something from them. It's all to easy for devs to say that users never read the documentation without appreciating that it may not be readable nor understandable from the user perspective, an inverse impostor syndrome effect. Perhaps [1] says it all ;-)


[1] https://git-man-page-generator.lokaltog.net/