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Google "Season of Docs"

We mentor Summer of Code projects.
Perhaps we should be doing something similar for docs.  Now Google are:


April 2-23: Open source organizations apply to take part in Season of Docs

My thoughts include:
* There is an expansion in the user base (e.g. 1.5m downloads on Windows), with a corresponding shift in focus (application to practice).
-- Are more examples needed, are the basics understood,
* Manuals are no longer printed, so readability assessments should match screen formats (maybe).
-- bite-sized chunks
* Developers rarely want to write documentation (it's too obvious to them)
-- if stack-overflow is the go-to source for 'real' users, why not mine that source. -- Our code base has become larger than the average brain-full, maybe that (developer education) also could also benefit from some further structural documentation. * Git for Windows: to few developers, large gaps in knowledge, chasing both upstream and MS directions of travel, a high hurdle for WinDevs to get started,..
-- the wiki could be built upon, anything to get more support..
* git-scm - the book - at least make it easier to find the 'how to help' page! (falls between the Github corporate and Open Source stools, or so it seems)

does anyone else have pet thoughts..?