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Re: [GSoC] [t9803]

Hi Julian,

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 07:26:12PM +0000, Julian Cheng wrote:
> Hello Git Community,
> I’m new here and hoping to get to be a part of GSOC 2019. I have questions about the main project and the microproject
> Main Project Quesctions
> I was hoping to work on “git revert --drop” and “git commit --reword”. Are there any mentors available for this project? The ideas page lists mentors for other projects but not this one.
> Also, “git revert --drop” and “git commit --reword” appear not to have been discussed yet in the public inbox. Is this correct or am I just not finding the threads?
> Microproject Questions (test_path_is_*)
> I would like to improve t9803-git-p4-shell-metachars.sh 
> On the microprojects page, it suggests I should run the tests to make sure they all pass. But if I’m making changes to the tests, is it really adequate testing just to make sure they all pass?
> To run all tests, I assume I would just navigate to the tests folder in terminal and call “sh *.sh”, but that doesn’t seem to work. Also, when I call “sh  t9803-git-p4-shell-metachars.sh”, I get “error: GIT-BUILD-OPTIONS missing (has Git been built?).” Git is definitely installed on my computer though. I’ve been using it for months. I cloned this repo with Git. What am I missing here?

When the tests run, they don't test your installation (the git you're
currently using in /usr/bin/git). They test the git you've built in the
project directory.

First of all, you should build the project. You should run "make" from
the top-level directory of git. This will fill the directory with git-*
executables. These are the actual binaries that will be tested.

Next, go into t/ and run "make" again to run all of the tests. You can
also run individual tests by doing something like
./t9803-git-p4-shell-metachars.sh, for example.

For even more details on testing, see t/README.

Also, some other helpful documentation to read include:

* Documentation/SubmittingPatches
* Documentation/CodingGuidelines

Hope this helps,


> Best,
> Julian