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[GSoC] [t9803]

Hello Git Community,

I’m new here and hoping to get to be a part of GSOC 2019. I have questions about the main project and the microproject

Main Project Quesctions
I was hoping to work on “git revert --drop” and “git commit --reword”. Are there any mentors available for this project? The ideas page lists mentors for other projects but not this one.

Also, “git revert --drop” and “git commit --reword” appear not to have been discussed yet in the public inbox. Is this correct or am I just not finding the threads?

Microproject Questions (test_path_is_*)
I would like to improve t9803-git-p4-shell-metachars.sh 

On the microprojects page, it suggests I should run the tests to make sure they all pass. But if I’m making changes to the tests, is it really adequate testing just to make sure they all pass?

To run all tests, I assume I would just navigate to the tests folder in terminal and call “sh *.sh”, but that doesn’t seem to work. Also, when I call “sh  t9803-git-p4-shell-metachars.sh”, I get “error: GIT-BUILD-OPTIONS missing (has Git been built?).” Git is definitely installed on my computer though. I’ve been using it for months. I cloned this repo with Git. What am I missing here?