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Re: [RFC PATCH 0/1] Fuzzy blame

> Another good place to keep these revs is git-notes,
> which probably could result in faster lookups too and can be made
> visible in git-log.

Oh wow, I really like this. A major concern I had about the revisions
file was that you don't know what a revision ID will be until it's
upstream. If you can specify *in the commit message itself* what
options should apply to git blame for that revision then that problem
is solved. And if you change your mind later, or want to ignore a
pre-existing revision then git-notes solves that problem.

So I'm thinking you just have a commit message like this:
Make all function names snake_case
git-blame-ignore: fuzzy
And users who have blame.ignoreRevs set will have the -F/--fuzzy
option applied to that commit.

> But that's in addition to --ignoreRevsFile, not replacing it.

I disagree. ignoreRevsFile has the major problem that the file will
need updating every time you rebase a commit to be ignored, and you'll
need to remember to edit it for cherry picks. Let's not have that
option as I think it will add unhelpful complexity.