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Re: [RFC PATCH 0/1] Fuzzy blame

(resending in plain text mode, sorry for the noise)

Thanks Junio, that's super helpful!

A month or two ago I contacted the author of git-hyper-blame, Matt
Giuca, asking whether anyone had looked into adding the feature to git
blame. I didn't receive a response but maybe that prompted Barret
Rhoden's patch? Or maybe just a weird coincidence!

@Barret I see your patches are a nice translation of git-hyper-blame.
However could you give me your thoughts on the approach in my patch? A
comment in the git-hyper-blame source [1] says:
# This doesn't work that well if there are a lot of line changes within the
# hunk (demonstrated by GitHyperBlameLineMotionTest.testIntraHunkLineMotion).
# A fuzzy heuristic that takes the text of the new line and tries to find a
# deleted line within the hunk that mostly matches the new line could help.

My patch aims to implement this "fuzzy heuristic" so I'd love to get
your take on it.

Many thanks,

On Mon, 25 Mar 2019 at 02:39, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> michael@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> > From: Michael Platings <michael@xxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > Hi Git devs,
> >
> > Some of you may be familiar with the git-hyper-blame tool [1]. It's "useful if
> > you have a commit that makes sweeping changes that are unlikely to be what you
> > are looking for in a blame, such as mass reformatting or renaming."
> I recall a month or so ago brho@google (CC'ed) sent a "let's allow
> blame to ignore some uninteresting commit" topic, which was
> unfortunately not well reviewed (what I mean is *not* that it was
> reviewed thoroughly and found to be bad---not many reviewers found
> time or inclination to review it well).  The topic is queued as
> br/blame-ignore and its tip is at 43a290e3 ("SQUASH???", 2019-02-13)
> as of this writing.
> Perhaps you two can join forces?
> P.S. I expect to be offline for most of the week (packing, moving
> and unpacking.  Even though the places packing and unpacking happens
> are within 1 kilometer radius, that does not make it less hassle
> X-<).  See you guys next month.