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Re: [RFC PATCH 0/1] Fuzzy blame

michael@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> From: Michael Platings <michael@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Git devs,
> Some of you may be familiar with the git-hyper-blame tool [1]. It's "useful if
> you have a commit that makes sweeping changes that are unlikely to be what you
> are looking for in a blame, such as mass reformatting or renaming."

I recall a month or so ago brho@google (CC'ed) sent a "let's allow
blame to ignore some uninteresting commit" topic, which was
unfortunately not well reviewed (what I mean is *not* that it was
reviewed thoroughly and found to be bad---not many reviewers found
time or inclination to review it well).  The topic is queued as
br/blame-ignore and its tip is at 43a290e3 ("SQUASH???", 2019-02-13)
as of this writing.

Perhaps you two can join forces?

P.S. I expect to be offline for most of the week (packing, moving
and unpacking.  Even though the places packing and unpacking happens
are within 1 kilometer radius, that does not make it less hassle
X-<).  See you guys next month.