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[BUG] Suspected with double asterisk in conditional include pattern


I believe I've encountered a bug regarding the use of double asterisk
( /**/ ) within includeIf patterns.

git-config man pages state that

    **/ and /**, that can match multiple path components

They then refer to the gitignore man pages which further define
supported wildcard patterns:

    A slash followed by two consecutive asterisks then a slash matches
zero or more directories.
    For example, "a/**/b" matches "a/b", "a/x/b", "a/x/y/b" and so on.

My understanding of these docs are that the pattern
`/usr/local/**/Homebrew/` ought to match
both`/usr/local/cache/Homebrew/foo` and `/usr/local/Homebrew/foo`.

However, given the following conditional include rule:

    [includeIf "gitdir:/usr/local/**/Homebrew/"]

The external config file is successfully included while in repo
`/usr/local/cache/Homebrew/foo` but NOT `/usr/local/Homebrew/foo`.

If I change the pattern to `**/Homebrew/**`, then the pattern matches
both desired repos. So it would seem that the `/**/` does not match 0
directories when the pattern begins with a slash.

Thank you,