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Re: [PATCH 2/2] trace2: randomize/timestamp trace2 targets

On Thu, Mar 14 2019, Josh Steadmon wrote:

> When the value of a trace2 environment variable contains instances of
> the string "%ISO8601%", expand them into the current UTC timestamp in
> ISO 8601 format.

Any reason not to just support feeding the path to strbuf_addftime(), to
e.g. support a daily/hourly log?

> When the value of a trace2 environment variable is an absolute path
> referring to an existing directory, write output to randomly-named
> files under the given directory. If the value is an absolute path
> referring to a non-existent file and ends with a dash, use the value as
> a prefix for randomly named files.
> The random filenames will consist of the value of the environment
> variable (after potential timestamp expansion), followed by a 6
> character random string such as would be produced by mkstemp(3).
> This makes it more convenient to collect traces for every git
> invocation by unconditionally setting the relevant trace2 envvar to a
> constant directory name.

Hrm, api-trace2.txt already specifies that the "sid" is going to be
unique, couldn't we just have some mode where we use that?

But then of course when we have nested processes will contain slashes,
so we'd either run into deep nesting or need to munge the slashes, in
which case we might bump against a file length limit (although I haven't
seen process trees deeper than 3-4).

Just to pry about the use-case since I'm doing similar collecting, why
are you finding this easier to process?

With the current O_APPEND semantics you're (unless I've missed
something) guaranteed to get a single process tree in nested order,
whereas with this they'll all end up in separate files and you'll need
to slurp them up, sort the whole thing and stitch it together yourself
without the benefit of stream-parsing it where you can cheat a bit
knowing that e.g. a "reflog expire" entry is always coming after the
corresponding "gc" that invoked it.