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straw poll: git merge conference location

I took an informal poll at the last contributor summit in Brussels, but
that obviously has some bias. So I'll ask here: do you have a location
preference for a Git Merge conference (and associated contributor
summit) next March?

We're looking at doing it in North America, but there are two specific

  - is there preference between East Coast vs West Coast?

  - preferences between Canada and US?

There's no commitment, but please only share your opinion if it might
actually impact your decision (i.e., if you might actually attend the
contribu summit). Feel free to email me off-list if you don't want to
start a flamewar about countries or coasts. :)

There's also been discussion about doing something (possibly in North
America) in the summer or fall of this year, but as far as I know there
hasn't been any planning so far.