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Re: [RFC/PATCH] point pull requesters to Git Git Gadget

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 10:49:22AM +0900, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > infrequent contributors. And there are a few reasons to prefer GGG:
> >
> >   1. submitGit seems to still have a few rough edges. E.g., it doesn't
> >      munge timestamps to help threaded mail readers handled out-of-order
> >      delivery.
> Hmph, I had an impression that the recent "why aren't these sorted"
> topics were via GGG, not submitGit, though.

We did have one case a few months ago, but I think it was since fixed.
Whereas it cannot be fixed for submitGit without major re-architecting,
because the mails go out through Amazon SES, which writes its own

I could be wrong about GGG being fixed though. I haven't noticed the
problem lately, but we definitely had a submitGit-related one a few
weeks ago.