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Re: [RFC/PATCH] point pull requesters to Git Git Gadget

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> infrequent contributors. And there are a few reasons to prefer GGG:
>   1. submitGit seems to still have a few rough edges. E.g., it doesn't
>      munge timestamps to help threaded mail readers handled out-of-order
>      delivery.

Hmph, I had an impression that the recent "why aren't these sorted"
topics were via GGG, not submitGit, though.

>   2. Subjectively, GGG seems to be more commonly used on the list these
>      days, especially by list regulars.
>   3. GGG seems to be under more active development (likely related to
>      point 2).
> So let's actually swap out submitGit for GGG. While we're there, let's
> put another link to the GGG page in the PR template, because that's
> where users who are learning about it for the first time will want to go
> to read more.

Yeah, I see Roberto agrees with the direction, and I do too.

Thanks, Roberto for submitGit that served us well, Dscho for GGG
that will serve us better, and Peff for updating this ;-)