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Re: [GSOC]regarding project selection


please always Cc: the potential mentors of a microproject when you
want to discuss it.  That makes it much more likely for the mentors to
notice your email and discuss it for you.  I added Christian, who's
listed as possible mentor on the project page to Cc: here.

On 03/12, Sushma Unnibhavi wrote:

> I am interested to do a project on improving git log --oneline.I can
> program in C language,I have learnt how to send patches and I am
> also comfortable with using git.I wanted to know what are the
> prerequisites for doing the project.Can I get some help regarding
> this matter.

The prerequisites are stated on the project page.  The languages
you'll need to know are C and shell.  More importantly though, you
should get familiar enough with the project to discuss it here.

Did you read the links that are provided on the project page?  If
there is anything unclear about the project you should try to ask more
specific questions, that show that you have done your homework and
gave the proposed project a bit more thoughts.  That shows your
interest in the project, and we can give you much better answers.
Just asking for help in a very general manner makes it very hard for
us to give you a good response.

One of the criteria for choosing students is going to be how well
fleshed out the project proposal is going to be.

As an aside, the patches you sent for your microproject received a few
comments.  Apart from the project proposal, it's also important to try
and address those comments, to show how you interact with your
mentors and other people on the mailing list.