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Re: git reset error on Windows

Hi Adrian,

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019, Adrian Godong wrote:

> Windows 10, git version 2.21.0.windows.1
> git reset tries to delete folder when last file is removed but failed
> to do so if shell is in the deleted folder.
> Repro steps (powershell):
> mkdir test
> cd test
> git init
> mkdir dir
> cd dir
> add-content .\file ""
> git add .
> git commit -m "1"
> git mv .\file .\file2
> git commit -m "2"
> git reset --hard HEAD^
> > Deletion of directory 'dir' failed. Should I try again? (y/n)
> Choosing y will repeat the same prompt. Choosing n will complete the
> operation correctly.

In contrast to Linux, it is not possible to delete a current working
directory (unless you delve into horrible hacks like Cygwin does).

So this is a restriction of the platform on which you are working, and
there is nothing we can do about it, at least as far as I can think of.