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Re: [BUG] fetching all remote branches results in failed multiple updates

Alexander Huynh <alex@grande.coffee> writes:

> Thanks for the clarification! One question: should we update the documentation
> at https://git-scm.com/docs/git-fetch#CRTB to not list this as an example to
> follow?

The example itself is valuable.  The way it is labeled might be
misleading to some people (although personally I do not find it
so).  It says "Typically such a variable may look like this" and
shows the fetch refspec that is given to a repository cloned from
anywhere by default.

I think it might help to update the text to clearly state that the
sample one is what you get in a clone without doing anything
special.  The example is primarily there to show you how each part
of the fetch refspec is used in the operations described in the
following paragraphs,and it is not there to tell you that you have
to add duplicate yourself to make these things described in the
following paragraphs to happen.