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Re: What's cooking in git.git (Mar 2019, #01; Wed, 6)

Philip Oakley <philipoakley@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> I should send switch/restore again soon. There are still a few
>> unaddressed concerns for git-restore since last time. Probably time to
>> refresh those discussions.
> Just catching up on back emails:
> The one point I noted is that "Overlay" is a new magic term without
> any explanation within the _documentation_.
> It would appear worth it to also add something (follow up patch?) to
> the e.g. git glossary to clarify how overlay differs, or is similar
> to, the different merge and reset modes.

Yeah, I recall that.  I was hoping that it would stop mattering when
we start using switch-branches and restore-paths, but of course it
would not hurt to clarify the doc in the meantime.