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worth mentioning branch "mergeOptions" from "man git-merge"?

  reading, in various places, people asking how to globally set
options for merging, to which the standard answer is, no, you can't do
that *globally*, but you can do it on a per-branch basis with


the most common example being to squash into master:

  git config branch.master.mergeOptions "--squash"

however, i read in "man git-config":

    By default, Git does not create an extra merge commit when
    merging a commit that is a descendant of the current
    commit. Instead, the tip of the current branch is
    fast-forwarded. When set to false, this variable tells Git
    to create an extra merge commit in such a case (equivalent
    to giving the --no-ff option from the command line). When
    set to only, only such fast-forward merges are allowed
    (equivalent to giving the --ff-only option from the command

where (based on a quick test i tried and, hopefully, did not screw
up), the per-branch mergeOptions value for fast-forwarding takes
precedence over the global merge.ff value.

  this is the only merge option i've noticed that has a global
settings as well as per-branch setting. is it worth putting in an
extra line or two mentioning this in the man page? that is, as long as
i've understood this correctly.



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