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Re: [RFC PATCH 0/4] Add alias option to git branch

I can only concur about the genuine usefulness of symbolic refs as
branch aliases.  I wrote my shell script for this 5 years ago, and
I've made use of the facility almost every working day since.

I jump around branches frequently, and my feature branch names always
start with an issue/bug number followed by a short description -- which
is perfect for listings and seeing at a glance what a branch is about,
and terrible for tab-completion.

Those long branch names are useful and informative for the developers
on the project, but being able to also have a 2-3 letter alias in my
working copy for the lifetime of a branch -- something which is trivial
for me to remember and type -- gives me the best of both worlds, and
I find it to be a tremendous convenience.

It's really not dissimilar to why so many people find shell aliases
to be so handy.

The nice thing is that all the plumbing is already there and working.
I've used it happily for 5 years, and other people use it similarly.
This feature just adds some protective porcelain over it, so that
people can more easily make use of the existing benefits without any
of the potential dangers.