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Hey Eric

On Tue, 5 Mar 2019 09:57:40 -0500 Eric Sunshine <sunshine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This patch, due to its length and repetitive nature, falls under the
> category of being tedious to review, which makes it all the more
> likely that a reviewer will overlook a problem.

Yes, I clearly understand that this patch has become too big to review.
It will require time to carefully review and reviewers are doing their
best to maintain the utmost quality of code.

> And, it's not always obvious at a glance that a change is correct. For
> instance, taking a look at the final patch band:
>     - ! test -d submod &&
>     - ! test -d submod/subsubmod/.git &&
>     + test_path_is_missing submod &&
>     + test_path_is_missing submod/subsubmod/.git &&

Duy actually confirms that this transformation is correct in this[1] email.
(I know that, it was given as an example, but I'll leave the link anyway).


[1]: https://public-inbox.org/git/CACsJy8BYeLvB7BSM_Jt4vwfGsEBuhaCZfzGPOHe=B=7cvnRwrg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/