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Re: [PATCH] Doc: fix misleading asciidoc formating

On Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 07:54:20AM +0900, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Did you notice this when building locally, or on the asciidoctor-built
> > pages at git-scm.com?
> Does git-scm.com even have this file rendered?  I do not think we
> glob for technical/*.txt in any of our Makefiles; instead we have a
> list of ready-to-be-consumed TECH_DOCS listed explicitly.

It is rendered, at https://git-scm.com/docs/directory-rename-detection.

However, that explains why doc-diff did not find anything; it only looks
at the results of "make install-man", which does not include any
technical docs (let alone this one that is not mentioned in