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Re: [GSOC]:query regarding microproject


On 03/05, Sushma Unnibhavi wrote:
> I am planning to do a microproject on using unsigned integral type
> for collection of bits.If anyone else has not taken it up,I would
> like to work on it.

Welcome to the Git project!

We generally do not assign micro-projects to someone in particular.
If nobody has taken it yet feel free to work on it.  Reading through
the page for micro-projects [*1*], there's the following bullet point:

"Select a microproject and check that it has not yet been taken or
discussed by searching the mailing list. Public Inbox is your

Public Inbox is at https://public-inbox.org/git/, and you should
search through the archive there to see if anyone has started on the
project yet.

*1*: https://git.github.io/SoC-2019-Microprojects/