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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Makefile: use `git ls-files` to list header files, if possible

On 04/03/2019 12:38, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

>> So, tl;dr: soon, I will be submitting a patch to remove the
>> 'hdr-check' target completely, for now anyway.
> You mentioned later that you might be the only person using that target,
> and if that were so, I would agree.

It is obviously difficult to judge such a thing, but I suspect
that the number is very low, if not exactly one. ;-)

> However, I started looking into adding `hdr-check` to the Azure Pipeline
> we have (which would make a *ton* of sense, if you ask me), along with the

Hmm, I am in two minds about this - I feel duty bound to warn you
that, if you go ahead with this idea, you will likely create a
rod for your own back! :-D

If the false positive rate can be kept reasonably low, then this
would be a good idea. However, some projects are just not a good
fit for this kind of thing (and Git may be one of them).

> `sparse` thing we talked about.
> So I am a bit opposed to removing that target.

OK, I took the 'nuclear' route because this affects people (to a
greater or lesser degree) even when they don't know/care about
this target. If it is just (or mostly) me, then it didn't seem
worth causing issues for you (or anyone else working on GTW?).

>>> By the way, "make hdr-check" already fails for me on master, as I do
>>> not have libgcrypt installed, and it unconditionally checks
>>> sha256/gcrypt.h.
>> Yep, for me too. There is a similar problem if you build with
>> NO_CURL and don't have the 'curl/curl.h' header file, etc ...
> I think all it needs to do is to pass `$(ALL_CFLAGS)` to gcc (although we
> might need to add something like `#if defined(SHA256_GCRYPT) ... #endif`
> guards to `sha256/gcrypt.h` to make it work in Peff's case).

Just adding $(ALL_CFLAGS) to the command-line is not a cure-all,
unfortunately! :( Also, the 'sha256/gcrypt.h' should be excluded
from the list of headers to check, conditionally, based on the
build variable SHA256_GCRYPT. 

> But given that this target really is meant to catch all kinds of errors,
> I'd be in favor of declaring that target requiring things like libgcrypt's
> header files to be installed. We can easily make that happen in our CI
> builds.

That would help, but you may not be able to cover all the platform
specific build options available. dunno. (I haven't given it enough

>> The next version was essentially the same patch that started this thread
>> from Johannes (ie. the 'git ls-files' patch), given that the 'tags'
>> targets had found it necessary. However, when I did some 'informal'
>> timing tests (ie 5x 'time make ...' and average), this did not make any
>> noticeable difference for me (_even_ on cygwin!). ;-)
> My complaint is not about the speed in a regular clone, but about *my*
> special clone, where I have some 50+ worktrees (that I really like to keep
> in the same directory, thankyouverymuch, I ignore them via
> `.git/info/exclude`, and I really like to have them all tucked away neatly
> under the `/usr/src/git/` directory) and also some 30+ cloned repositories
> in `3rdparty/` for random testing (including a bare clone of the Linux
> kernel, of course also ignored via `.git/info/exclude`).

Oh, wow! I can't imagine ever doing anything like that. However,
it is a perfectly valid setup and the build system should not
make it hard for you to work the way you want.

> In that scenario, my version of `find` takes ages, only to finally even
> throw a segmentation fault (!).
At least the segfault curtailed your misery! :-D

>> So, I already have a 'hdr-check-fixup' branch (I think I have
>> already mentioned it), in which the first commit looks like:
>>   diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
>>   index c5240942f2..3401d1b9fb 100644
>>   --- a/Makefile
>>   +++ b/Makefile
>>   @@ -2735,9 +2735,10 @@ $(SP_OBJ): %.sp: %.c GIT-CFLAGS FORCE
>>    .PHONY: sparse $(SP_OBJ)
>>    sparse: $(SP_OBJ)
>>   +HC_HDRS := $(wildcard *.h negotiator/*.h block-sha1/*.h ppc/*.h ewah/*.h \
>>   +       sha1dc/*.h refs/*.h vcs-svn/*.h)
> But of course that would also share at least to a lesser extend the
> shortcomings of a static list.

Yes, but it is no worse than ...

> I still like the `ls-files` method the best.
>>    GEN_HDRS := command-list.h unicode-width.h
>>   -EXCEPT_HDRS := $(GEN_HDRS) compat% xdiff%
>>   -CHK_HDRS = $(filter-out $(EXCEPT_HDRS),$(patsubst ./%,%,$(LIB_H)))

... the original, manually maintained, exception list!

(This patch was written before the 'sha256/' directory existed.
So the fact that it 'fixes' the GCRYPT error is simply an accident
of timing! Today, it would be conditionally added to the exception
list. Yes, I watched that error go from the 'pu' branch down to
the 'master' branch).

>>   +CHK_HDRS = $(filter-out $(GEN_HDRS),$(HC_HDRS))
>>    HCO = $(patsubst %.h,%.hco,$(CHK_HDRS))
>>    $(HCO): %.hco: %.h FORCE
>> ... which drops the use of LIB_H entirely.
>> So, if we really need to solve the problem, allowing for some
>> unrelated headers in your worktree, then we can only use a
>> static list, or a 'git ls-files' approach.
> Or we can use `ls-files`, and fall back to your wildcard idea if
> `ls-files` fails for some reason (typically because `.git/` is missing,
> e.g. in case of an unpacked source .tar).

Yes, I think an 'git ls-files' approach is the way to go. (I am not
sure that the 'hdr-check' target would be of any use 'offline' at
all, but I suppose we could use a generated file in that case).

>> Anyway, for now, since I seem to be the only person using this
>> target, I think we should just remove it while I think again.
>> (I can put it in my config.mak, so there will be no loss for me).
> As I said above, I would rather keep it, with the `ls-files` and `:=`
> fixup.

I would be happy with that, if you are. :-D

Ramsay Jones