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Re: [RFC PATCH 4/4] Add alias option to git branch

5/03/19 5:23 AM, Kenneth Cochran wrote:
> Adding Phil for comments

Thank you for following this up, Kenneth.  I'll do some testing with
your patch sometime soon.

I've realised that the last version of my script that I posted to the
mailing list was buggy, and that in wanting to hold off sending another
version for a little while in case I found more bugs, I in fact failed
to send a fixed version at all.

This is probably not relevant to your patches; but just in case,
the up to date code for that script is here:


and the fixes since v1.11 were:

* Change incorrect uses of git show-ref, introduced by v1.10 (including
  effective regression of v1.08), to use git symbolic-ref instead.

* Fix the option handling for '--', and added it to the help text.