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Git Monorepo

At my company we need to be able to manage access to different parts
of source code.

We've used separate git repos in the past, but then discovered
Mercurial’s narrow extension, which supports sever side filtering.

We all clone one repo, but get different subsets of the source, based
on permissions.
It’s pretty seamless, and works well. There are some limitations, like
not being able to merge files outside your filter, but on balance
things are easier to manage.

I'm trying to see if the same can be done with Git.
The latest version seems to have some ingredients, like sparse
checkout, and blob filtering. They're both meant to address
performance AFAIK, but perhaps can also be used as foundation for
implementing permissions.

I have some ideas on how this would work, and my company is willing to
support the effort, but we'd like to coordinate it with git

There have been a number of attempts to implement a git monorepo over
the years, I'm sure it would benefit a lot of people.