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AW: fast-import fails with case sensitive tags due to case insensitive lock files

> Right now, you have some choices: 
> • Volunteer to implement reftable. 
> • Since you're on Windows 10, set your Git repository directory as 
>   case-sensitive. 
> • Use Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is case sensitive and creates 
>   directories with that flag (even on NTFS), to do your import. 
> • If you control the fast-export output, adjust the arguments you pass 
>   such that the output does not contain one of the offending tags. 

Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for your answer!

Unfortunately I am stuck with Windows 10 1703 which neither supports case-sensitivity nor any Linux subsystem from the Microsoft Store :( Also, my employer unfortunately doesn’t allow me to invest the time to implement reftable, so I guess I go with manually leaving out the one conflicting label I found and tagging it manually afterward.

One thing I still would like to encourage to is to improve the error message which is really misleading in this case.

Best regards and thanks again,