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Re: [BUG] completion.commands does not remove multiple commands

SZEDER Gábor wrote:
[... lots of good history ...]

Thanks for an excellent summary!

> Note, however, that for completeness sake, if we choose to update
> list_cmds_by_config() to read the repo's config as well, then we
> should also update the completion script to run $(__git
> --list-cmds=...), note the two leading underscores, so in case of 'git
> -C over/there <TAB>' it would read 'completion.commands' from the right
> repository.

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll add that to my local
branch for the "respect local config" case.

At the moment, I think it only matters for calls where
config is in the --list-cmds list. But since the fix Jeff
suggested affects all --list-cmds calls, it seems prudent to
adjust the 3-4 other uses of --list-cmds in the completion
script.  Let me know if you see a reason not to do that.

Thanks again for such a nice summary,