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Re: [BUG] All files in folder are moved when cherry-picking commit that moves fewer files

Elijah Newren <newren@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Whatever we choose for the default could be tweaked by some new option
> (e.g. make it less noisy or don't mark such paths as conflicted if the
> user has explicitly stated their preference for or against directory
> rename detection).  I'm struggling to see directory rename detection
> as "risky" (though I certainly feel that lack of it is and thus do not
> like the opt-in option), but if others feel there is risk here,

I do not think it matters what "others feel" at all.

The simple fact that we are seeing a bug report that started this
thread is enough to say that the heuristics kick in when the end
users do not expect to and when it happens it is harder to explain
than other kinds of rename detection heuristics.