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Re: [BUG] completion.commands does not remove multiple commands


Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Todd Zullinger <tmz@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Hmm.  The comments in list_cmds_by_config() made me wonder
>> if not using a local repo config was intentional:
>>         /*
>>          * There's no actual repository setup at this point (and even
>>          * if there is, we don't really care; only global config
>>          * matters). If we accidentally set up a repository, it's ok
>>          * too since the caller (git --list-cmds=) should exit shortly
>>          * anyway.
>>          */
> Doesn't the output from list-cmds-by-config get cached at the
> completion script layer in $__git_blah variables, and the cached
> values are not cleared when you chdir around?

In testing, I didn't find any evidence of caching.  Setting
commands to be added and removed in the global and local
configs worked reasonably.

Duy's reply suggests that was considered but not
implemented.  I there were caching (and if it were tedious
for the completion code to keep fresh between repos), then
it would a bad plan to allow per-repo config.

If there was a goal of adding such caching it might also
make sense to avoid "fixing" the code here to allow per-repo
config before it's known how that might affect such caching.

It sounds like that's not something Duy is planning on for
the near term though, so perhaps we're fine to allow local
repo config here?  As Duy mentioned, maybe some users with
local aliases want to add them to the completion locally as

If we choose to avoid local repo config then we can add a
comment to the documetation like I had in 2/3.  Maybe also
update the comment in list_cmds_by_config() to note that we
intentionally don't setup a repo -- or a similar comment in
list_cmds(), where Jeff's 1/3 was adding

I don't have a strong opinion either way.  I more or less
have the minor patches for either direction at this point.