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Questions on GSoC 2019 Ideas

Hi, everyone

I've been in the mailing list for a couple weeks now, mainly working
on my gsoc micro-project[1] and in other patches that derived from it.
I also have been contributing to the Linux Kernel for half an year,
but am now mainly just supporting other students here at USP.

I have read the ideas page for the GSoC 2019 and many of them interest
me. Also, looking around git-dev materials on the web, I got to the
GSoC 2012 ideas page. And this one got my attention:

I'm interested in parallel computing and that has been my research
topic for about an year now. So I would like to ask what's the status
of this GSoC idea. I've read git-grep and saw that it is already
parallel, but I was wondering if there is any other section in git in
which it was already considered to bring parallelism, seeking to
achieve greater performance. And also, if this could, perhaps, be a
GSoC project.

I'm also interested in the 'convert script to builtin' task, and I was
wondering if 'git-bisect' would be a good candidate for that.

Matheus Tavares

[1]: https://public-inbox.org/git/20190226051804.10631-1-matheus.bernardino@xxxxxx/