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Re: [gitgitgadget/git] [GSoC][PATCH] t3600: `use test_path_is_*` helper functions (#152)

Hey Duy

> On the Git mailing list, Duy Nguyen wrote (reply to this):
> I was a bit worried that the "test ! something" could be incorrectly
> converted because for example, "test ! -d foo" is not always the same
> as "test_path_is_missing". If "foo" is intended to be a file, then the
> conversion is wrong.
> But I don't think you made any wrong conversion here. All these
> negative "test" are preceded by "git rm" so the expectation is always
> "test ! -e".

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I thought about it earlier and made
changes thinking this only. Also when I was going through the code
again, I replaced other conditionals `[ -f ]` with test_path_is_file